Welcome to St. Agatha Catholic Elementary School
Since my appointment at St. Agatha Catholic Elementary School I have had numerous opportunities to listen to parents, students and staff and learn what has made this school such a special place for so many years.  The close partnership of school, family, and church truly makes us the heart of the community, success for each and a place for all.
St. Agatha School is a treasure amidst the Wilmot countryside.  Comprised of both rural and urban students, its modest population size lends itself well to shared learning across ages and classrooms.  While students have shown consistently that smaller schools lead to enhanced interpersonal relationships, student responsibility and a sense of community, that is not news to us.  St. Agatha School’s history, dating back to 1835, is one of the longest and richest in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.
At St. Agatha Catholic Elementary School we are privileged to be part of a number of community partnerships.  Nutrition for Learning, Strong Start Early Literacy, Empower Reading as well as the local Lions Club to provide additional programs for our students and their families.
For more information about what your child’s experience at St. Agatha might include, please visit the Keep Growing St. Agatha School Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KeepGrowingStAgatha.
Mary Mayer
Principal St. Agatha School